About Us

Who We Are

US Investor Group is the preeminent real estate investment firm in metro Detroit. With dozens of companies operating in our market, we stand alone with unparalleled service, sustainable investments, and tangible results. USIG’s founders have published several reports and articles concerning the Detroit real estate market, the city’s economy, and development projects. These reports have been widely disseminated to investors from around the world. We take pride in providing our clients with real, sustainable investments that perform consistently. With USIG you don’t deal with middlemen or sales agents. You deal directly with experienced professionals that know what it takes to build a profitable, impressive real estate portfolio.

We utilize our extensive real estate experience to connect investors with exclusive investment opportunities while providing premium service.

Our Services

Quite simply, we provide investors from around the world with access to profitable real estate based investment opportunities. We do things differently. Typical sales companies make their clients choose properties from a short list. We don’t believe in this approach because it can cause a conflict of interest and doesn’t take into consideration the specific needs of each client.

Property Acquisition/Sales: We work with a team of licensed, professional, and experienced real estate agents that scour the real estate market hunting for new deals every day. In addition to public listings, we also have access to exclusive investment opportunities through our local contacts. We have developed a working relationship with many private sellers and institutions that provide us with off market listings not available to the general public. We can also help you to sell your property when the time is right. Not only can we list it on the open market, but we can offer it through our own avenues to our network of investors.

Construction/Rehab: Among the most important aspects of real estate investing is to ensure construction work is carried our correctly, guaranteeing a quality finish and preventing future maintenance repairs. We work with licensed, accomplished contractors that have conducted hundreds of property rehabs throughout the City of Detroit and its suburbs. Our construction partners perform cost-effective and professional work, allowing us to pass the savings along to our clients.

Project Management: Our property experts oversee all projects with diligence and care, keeping our clients updated throughout the entire process. We are your eyes and ears on the ground, making sure progress is made daily and projects are finished on time. We make sure all work is conducted in accordance with applicable city ordinances and building codes. Each client is assigned a dedicated point of contact to answer any questions and to provide timely reports.

Compliance and Set-Up Services: We ensure all of our clients are set up correctly, right from the start. Whether you need to open an LLC, a bank account, or need advice from an accountant on tax matters, we’ll make it happen. Our network of expert CPAs, attorneys, and escrow agents have helped dozens of our clients get set up the right way. With clients in over 20 countries, we are experts in dealing with non-residents of the US.

Our Unique Investment Process

Investment Analysis

The first step in our process is to learn more about your goals in order to present you with the investments that make the most sense for you. For some investors, the top priority is capital appreciation while others prefer investments with higher cash-on-cash returns. We know that not all of our clients will fit the same mold, and that forms the basis of our approach to the investment process.

The Investment Analysis serves as a microcosm that exemplifies our overall business model. For most companies, their approach is to sell you the investment that makes the most sense for them. Typically, sales companies will try to unload inventory that has been sitting on their books for a while. We don’t hold any inventory, thus eliminating this conflict of interest. The investments we present to you are selected based on your goals and preferences.

Customized Investment Package

Once we find out more about your goals, we work to identify the most profitable opportunities in the market. We sort through all available opportunities to determine the investments that maximize your return. USIG considers multiple factors to present you with a customized investment proposal built around your needs.

We gather all of the relevant information about your investment needs and immediately get to work to provide you with a custom, carefully crafted proposal made specifically for you. For example if you were looking for a solid cash-on-cash return to supplement your retirement income, we would select properties that would yield a higher return, with lower carrying costs. Other investors may be more interested in a shorter term investment, so we would select a property that has capital gains potential and can be sold relatively quickly. 

Purchase & Prosper

The purchase process couldn’t be simpler. We outline every cost due at closing, there are never any hidden fees. Transparency is one of the cornerstones of USIG. All property transactions are completed through an independent, reputable, third party title company (escrow agent). 

One of our core beliefs is that every client should be 100% aware of all costs, risks, and benefits of the investment before making a purchase decision. This is why we carefully walk our clients through every step of the process from due diligence, to closing, to post sale management. We understand that for many clients, this may the first time they purchase in the United States or in our specific market. Even seasoned real estate investors will have questions and we are here to provide you with accurate and concise answers. 

Maintaining Success

Once you become part of our family of investors, our top priority becomes monitoring your investments to ensure success is maintained. Our goal is to build long term business relationships with our clients. We also provide our existing clients exclusive opportunities to add to your investment portfolio. 

USIG serves an exclusive clientele, and we don’t function like a sales company. No aggressive salesmen driven by commission. Our family of investors in represented in over 15 countries around the world. Once you become a client, our goal is not only to closely monitor your initial investment, but to provide you with unique and exclusive investment opportunities in the future. We are your eyes and ears on the ground. If any issues arise with property management, or any other aspect of your investment, we step in and take action. We value each business relationship we embark on and constantly work on maintaining the relationship through excellent service and dedication.