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US Investor Group provides real estate investors from around the world with exclusive property investments in the Metro Detroit market. We examine the entire real estate market to identify the most profitable opportunities for our clients. Our approach is truly unique; the cornerstone of our business is to get to know our clients first. No generic sales pitches, no gimmicks. We have a proven track record of providing real, profitable, and sustainable real estate based investment to clients from over 20 countries worldwide.

Why invest in Detroit Real Estate? It’s all in the numbers. There are many popular investment markets in across the US, which offer attractive returns. However, there is no market in the country that offers more to investors than Metro Detroit. Check out some of our featured Detroit investment properties. With us, the whole metro Detroit real estate market is at your fingertips

Quite simply, we provide investors from around the world with access to profitable Metro Detroit real estate based investment opportunities. We do things differently. Typical sales companies make their clients choose properties from a short list. We don’t believe in this approach because it can cause a conflict of interest and doesn’t take into consideration the specific needs of each client.

We work with a team of licensed, professional, and experienced real estate agents that scour the real estate market hunting for new deals every day. In addition to public listings, we also have access to exclusive investment opportunities through our local contacts. We also work with licensed, accomplished contractors that have conducted hundreds of property rehabs throughout the City of Detroit and its suburbs, because among the most important aspects of real estate investing is to ensure construction work is carried our correctly, to ensure a quality finish and limit maintenance.

We do things differently. Instead of making you choose properties from a short list of limited inventory options, our approach is to select the investments that best suit your needs. Being part of the US Investor Group puts the entire Metro Detroit real estate market at your fingertips.
Our professional advisors are certified experts with extensive knowledge on the local real estate market. We help you complete the due diligence process to ensure you are well informed, and confident about investing with us.
We are the only company in our market that presents multiple real estate investment strategies to our clients. We look at the entire market, offering our clients a plethora of options beyond a limited list of inventory.
We first get to know you and learn more about your goals, and then work to identify the most profitable opportunities in the market that match your targets. We are there at every step thereafter to realize your plan and maintain prosperity.
Our personalized approach to business means you never have to deal with answering services or recorded messages. You can always reach us by phone or email, and we pride ourselves on our excellent response time.
No other market in America presents profitable opportunities at such a great value. Low entry point and high yields make Metro Detroit the most attractive market in the country.

Detroit Investment News

January 2020

Detroit’s real estate market is booming. In fact, city officials just announced that property values were up over 20% city-wide. That’s the largest gain in over two decades. Mayor Mike Duggan credits the city’s efforts to combat blight and improve city services. This was welcome news for Detroit homeowners, who were among the hardest hit in the country in the wake of the global financial…

January 2020

For anyone that follows the Detroit real estate market, it's known that Corktown is among the hottest neighborhoods in the city. Property prices in Detroit's oldest neighborhood have been booming for almost a decade now. When Ford announced plans to buy and redevelop the long vacant Michigan Central Station on Michigan Ave, they started a frenzy of property speculators looking to cash-in on…

November 2019

General Motors, the largest automaker in the US, is set to invest $3 billion in their Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant. The news comes just months after fellow automotive giant Fiat-Chrysler announced it would be investing over $1 billion in a new Detroit assembly plant on the city’s east side. After long deliberations between the United Auto Workers (UAW) and GM, the two sides finally reached…

September 2019

Just 6 years ago, Detroit was in the midst of completing the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history. Fast forward to 2019 and the Motor City is experiencing a major comeback. Detroit’s meteoric rise over the past few years has now caught the attention of major media outlets around the world. CNN has proclaimed that the city is “roaring back to life” in a glowing article you can read in…

March 2019

For better or worse, Detroit's economy has always been tied to the auto industry. The "Big 3" automakers (Ford, GM, Fiat-Chrysler) still employ tens of thousands of workers in and around the Motor City. The decline of manufacturing reached its low point in 2008 when the automakers were essentially bailed out by the federal government. Shortly thereafter the unemployment rate within the city of…

December 2018

With news of GM closing the historic Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, many are wondering how this will effect the city’s resurgence. According to the Associated Press, news of the plant closing will have a minimal effect on the city’s overall economy. Experts believe Detroit’s economy is shifting away from manufacturing in favor of the medical and technology industries. Layoffs like the one…

Nobody knows the Detroit Real Estate Investment market like we do, which allows us to offer the most profitable investments.