Detroit Real Estate Investment Tour


Our approach to investment tours is truly unique. While many companies give “group tours” and organize other group events, we take a more personalized approach. We schedule individual tours, customized for each of our clients. If you’re interested in getting a firsthand look at the metro Detroit housing market, scheduling a tour with USIG would be a great option. In just a few hours, you would gain valuable insight on Detroit’s neighborhoods and a thorough understanding of the investment process.

The US Investor Group Guarantee: We offer the most informative, efficient, and enjoyable investment tours of Detroit, hands down.

We take pride in providing all of our clients with valuable information on our market, essentially “bringing Detroit to you,” because not everyone has a chance to visit Detroit before purchasing. However, if you do choose to make the trip to visit us, we will make sure your visit is effective and educational. Among the basic aspects of our tours:

  • A visit to several Metro Detroit neighborhoods we have identified as ideal for property investment.
  • Visiting available properties, many of which are unlisted and available exclusively through US Investor Group.
  • A short tour of the Greater Downtown area (includes parts of Downtown, Midtown, Corktown). This gives us an opportunity to view several major development projects which are expected to have a significant positive impact on the local economy.
  • An individual, detailed meeting with one of our directors to discuss your investment goals. This meeting will also outline the purchase process, and give you a chance to answer any questions you may have about our company or the property market.

Our expert team of professionals have conducted over 300 tours of Detroit since 2010. We have also written several reports on the City’s housing market and economy, which have been widely distributed to investors from around the world. Learn about Detroit from the experts! Call us or fill out a contact form today to find out more about our investment tours.

*USIG maintains a partnership with two local hotels that extend special discounted corporate rates to our clients. Ask us for details before you book your hotel.