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Detroit Real Estate Investing

Metro Detroit home prices are at an 8 year highDetroit is the most searched real estate investment market by non-residents of the US. Why is Detroit such a popular investment destination? It’s all in the numbers. Detroit real estate investing has never been more exciting! There are many popular investment markets in across the US, which offer attractive returns. However, there is no market in the country that offers more to investors than Metro Detroit. Detroit real estate investing in 2018 can be very profitable. There are several reasons for this, specifically:

  • Metro Detroit’s housing market has skyrocketed in value since the depths of the housing crisis. Detroit investment properties capital appreciation figures are impressive and show no signs of slowing down.
  • No other market in the US offers the same “bang for your buck.” Your investment dollar goes further in Detroit, with price points significantly lower than other popular investment markets like Memphis, Atlanta, Indianapolis, or Cleveland.
  • Detroit and its surrounding suburbs offer the perfect balance between capital gains potential and high net cash returns.

Investors from around the world have invested tens of millions of dollars into Detroit’s neighborhoods over the past 7 years. This helped drive the housing market forward while lending restrictions pushed many home buyers out of the market. Gradually, as the national housing market continued its upward swing, more home buyers re-entered the market and helped home values surge. No market felt this surge more than Metro Detroit, where prices are up almost 70% from its lowest point in 2010.

The good news is that investors haven’t missed the boat. The housing market is expected to continue its climb, and working with US Investor Group's Detroit real estate investments team will ensure you get access to exclusive deals which are significantly under market value.

Resurgence of Detroit’s Economy

Since the economic downturn of the late 2000’s, Metro Detroit has experienced a total resurgence of its economy, fueled by traditional industry as well as new businesses. Metro Detroit’s economy will forever be linked to the Automotive industry, home to America’s three largest automakers: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. During the height of the global financial crisis, Detroit’s “Big 3” automakers were on the brink of collapse, culminating in a bailout by the US government. General Motors, the largest automaker in the world filed for bankruptcy and received federal dollars during its restructuring. Since then, the company has far exceeded the expectations of market experts, becoming one of the most profitable companies in the world. Since its low point in 2009, the company has earned over $30 billion, punctuated by a record $9.7B profit in 2015. Ford Motor Company, the country’s second largest automaker and one of the largest employers in Metro Detroit has also performed well, earning over $8.5 billion in 2015 alone. In January 2017 Ford announced it would be scrapping plans to build a billion dollar plant in Mexico, choosing instead to reinvest in its Michigan plants and keeping jobs in Metro Detroit. By shifting their focus to new product development and innovation, GM, Ford, and Chrysler have all made positive gains which will have a reverberating effect throughout the region.

While Detroit will always be linked with the manufacturing sector, the City’s economy is diversifying into other industries. The healthcare industry employs tens of thousands of Detroiters and is home to some of the largest companies in the field. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Henry Ford Health System, and Detroit Medical Center are all based in Detroit.

"You actually have a major industry now, a huge industry, that’s come back big, big time. And that’s been a difference not only to Detroit, that’s been a difference all over the United States... If I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single family homes... I would load up on them. " - Warren Buffet

Detroit Investment News

July 2023

The City of Detroit made a remarkable return to the bond market, securing over $3 billion from 67 different investors on July 13th. The funds raised significantly exceeded the requirements for its Proposal N plan, aimed at addressing vacant houses through renovation and demolition. 

Originally, Proposal N had sought a total of $100 million for its comprehensive project. However, Detroit's financial resurgence, coupled with investor confidence, propelled the bond offering to an unprecedented level of success. The city priced $100 million in Unlimited Tax General Obligation Bonds, allocating $75 million for neighborhood improvement bonds and $25 million for specific transportation and recreation initiatives.

The latest bond offering will have a tangible impact on Detroit's…

July 2023

A decade ago, Detroit faced one of the darkest periods in its history as it grappled with a staggering $18 billion debt, leading the city to file for bankruptcy and claim the unenviable title of the largest municipality to do so in the United States. However, the Motor City has made remarkable strides in the past ten years, witnessing a commendable rebound despite lingering obstacles in its path to recovery. 

Moody's Investors Service has once again upgraded the City of Detroit's bond rating, bringing the city one step closer to achieving investment grade status, a milestone it has not reached since 2009. In their recent report, Moody's announced that Detroit's rating had been upgraded to Ba1 with a positive outlook, reflecting the city's improved financial position and…

July 2023

In a promising development for the East English Village community, construction has officially commenced on "The Ribbon," an innovative $8 million mixed-use affordable housing project. In a collaborative effort between LISC Detroit, Invest Detroit, and other key partners, the project is aimed at addressing the pressing need for affordable housing options in the area.

"The Ribbon" represents a significant step forward in revitalizing the East English Village neighborhood, which has long been seeking ways to enhance its residential and commercial offerings. The project's name, "The Ribbon," reflects the vision of weaving together a cohesive fabric that will bring residents and businesses together to foster a thriving and interconnected community. 

A significant portion of the…

June 2023

The city of Detroit is set to witness a remarkable boost in STEM education, thanks to the Michigan Science Center's recent acquisition of an $800,000 grant from NASA. With this significant investment, the Michigan Science Center (MiSci) is poised to become a leading force in inspiring Detroit's youth and enabling the development and implementation of dynamic STEM programs, empowering students throughout the city to explore and excel in these critical fields.

Once known as the Detroit Science Center, the Michigan Science Center holds more than 250,000 visitors every year, and fosters an environment of discovery and innovation through its interactive exhibits. In a world increasingly dependent on scientific and technological advancements, empowering the next generation of STEM…

June 2023

Amidst economic uncertainties and fluctuating housing markets, Detroit's real estate sector has emerged as a beacon of resilience and growth. A recent report from Detroit Future City, which involved a detailed analysis of  Wayne County deed recordings related to home sale transactions from 2012-13 to 2020-21, sheds light on the remarkable progress in Detroit's housing market. 

According to the report, at least ten Detroit neighborhoods saw between 169%-450% increases in home sales. This renewed momentum has attracted attention from both local and out-of-state buyers, fostering an atmosphere of optimism in the city's real estate sector. These statistics highlight the city's improving housing market, as numerous neighborhoods continue to experience substantial increases and…

June 2023

Detroit, renowned for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene, is set to welcome a new addition to its growing hospitality sector. Construction has begun on the first AC Hotel in southeast Michigan at the esteemed Bonstelle Theatre site. The joint business venture between Walter Cohen, a seasoned developer, and Detroit-based real estate firm Roxbury Group marks a significant step forward in Detroit's ongoing investment and revitalization efforts. 

The developers of this $49 million project envision a fusion of modern luxury with elements of Detroit's rich architectural heritage, as the historic facade of the neighboring Bonstelle Theatre will be preserved and incorporated into the hotel's design. Moreover, the proximity of the AC Hotel to the Bonstelle Theatre is of great…