Fortescue's $35 Million Investment in Detroit: U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Center Site Unveiled

USIG Staff - January 2024
Piquette Facility
Piquette Facility

In a significant stride towards solidifying its status as a global leader in advanced manufacturing and clean energy, Detroit is gearing up to host the U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Center at 601 Piquette Avenue. This groundbreaking project, announced by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, marks a pivotal moment for the city's economic future.

The state is partnering with Fortescue, an international provider of zero emission resources for renewable energy production, to facilitate this strategic move. Fortescue has made an initial investment of $35 million to refurbish the existing facility and develop it into a hub for the production of automotive and heavy industry batteries, hydrogen generators, fast chargers, and electrolyzers. 

The Piquette Avenue facility is poised to generate up to 600 manufacturing and engineering jobs. Fortescue anticipates the installation of the first battery line during the first half of 2025, and by 2030, the facility is expected to be fully operational. 

Fortescue aims to provide Michigan suppliers with a opportunity to grow across various green energy industries. Accordingly, the early stages of production in the facility will be focused on customers across North America. Following its projected success in North America, it plans to expand its operations internationally.

Support for this visionary project comes from the Michigan Strategic Fund, which has approved a $9 million Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant. Additional incentives include a 15-year, 100 percent State Essential Services Assessment exemption valued at $1,300,950, and a state tax capture valued at $2,374,413 for the reimbursement of brownfield activities at the site.

The City of Detroit's Brownfield Redevelopment Authority is also a crucial supporter of the project, offering a brownfield work plan valued at $4,246,411 and an Industrial Facilities Tax abatement valued at up to $7,684,208.

This transformative initiative marks a significant step forward for Detroit, positioning the city as a global player in the evolving landscape of advanced manufacturing and clean energy. As the U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Center takes shape, Detroit's resurgence as an economic powerhouse continues to captivate investors and stakeholders alike.