Gilbert Family Foundation Announces $15 Million Investment in Detroit Neighborhoods

USIG Staff - May 2024
Minock-Whitlock Park in Warrendale
Minock-Whitlock Park in Warrendale

The Gilbert Family Foundation has announced a transformative $15 million investment in 10 Detroit neighborhoods as part of the third phase of the Strategic Neighborhood Fund (SNF). 

Since 2016, SNF has committed to improving the quality of life and promoting economic growth across every city council district in Detroit. In its first two phases, SNF leveraged over $262 million in investments and has made a tangible difference in the lives of Detroit residents. Their commitment has included initiatives to prevent eviction and property tax foreclosure and provide legal counsel and resources to families.

The latest $15 million allocation of funds from the Gilbert Family Foundation is part of a broader 10-year, $500 million commitment with the Rocket Community Fund, demonstrating the Foundation's unwavering dedication to Detroit's revival. This investment will enable SNF to intensify its focus on neighborhoods such as Jefferson Chalmers, Warrendale/Cody-Rouge, and Campau/Davison/Banglatown. 

Detroit residents are the heart and soul of their neighborhoods, and through SNF, they are also active architects of their communities' future. SNF invites all Detroit residents in the target neighborhoods to participate in a year-long planning process to improve community assets, with an aim to mitigate resident displacement and dissatisfaction. 

Laura Grannemann, the executive director of the Gilbert Family Foundation, spoke highly of SNF's impact on the Detroit community. She attributed SNF's neighborhood investment efforts to poverty reduction and lower residential vacancy rates in their target areas.

Mayor Mike Duggan has also publicly expressed his deep appreciation to the Gilbert Family Foundation for its substantial investment. In a recent statement, he called upon others to invest in SNF 3.0 and continue building momentum for the city's revitalization.

Ultimately, the $15 million investment from the Gilbert Family Foundation is an exciting development for all Detroit residents, who eagerly look forward to a brighter future in their city.