Abandoned, Historic Detroit Apartments Given New Life

USIG Staff - January 2023
Credit: City of Detroit
Credit: City of Detroit

Two historic apartment buildings in Detroit, Michigan are being given new life as affordable housing units. The Park Avenue and Strathmore Apartments, built in the 1920s, have sat vacant for several years. However, a local non-profit organization has taken on the task of renovating the buildings to provide much-needed affordable housing for low-income residents in the area.

The Park Avenue and Strathmore Apartments were once a symbol of luxury and elegance in Detroit. Built in the 1920s, the buildings feature ornate architectural details, including intricate plasterwork and stained-glass windows. However, like many buildings in Detroit, they fell into disrepair and have been vacant for several years.

But now, a local non-profit organization is taking on the task of restoring the buildings to their former glory, with the goal of providing affordable housing for low-income residents. The organization plans to renovate the buildings' electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, as well as add new appliances and other modern amenities.

The renovation project is expected to bring new life to the neighborhood and provide much-needed housing for Detroit residents. According to the organization, the Park Avenue and Strathmore Apartments will provide a total of 63 affordable housing units, including one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Affordable housing is a major issue in Detroit, with many residents struggling to find affordable places to live. The renovation of the Park Avenue and Strathmore Apartments is a significant step towards addressing this issue and providing a safe and comfortable place for low-income residents to call home.

The organization leading the renovation project said that they plan to preserve as much of the historical details as possible, while also making the buildings energy efficient, and making sure that they are accessible to everyone. They also stated that they have been working with local community groups and other organizations to ensure that the finished product will meet the needs of the neighborhood.

The renovation of the Park Avenue and Strathmore Apartments is a positive step forward for Detroit and its residents. The buildings' restoration will not only provide much-needed affordable housing but also preserve the city's architectural heritage, and bring new life to the neighborhood. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.